Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Is it really a ‘Part Of Life’ or we just comfort ourselves by saying so?

Just  learned about ‘Learning Curve’ which almost stipulates that practice makes a man perfect, a job which used to happen in 2hrs can be done in 30mins with perfection however continuous participation is an obligation. Don’t know what is life all about, is it about Living? Loving? Being Human? Or just to say Part Of Life, face it? Would not say life always have thrown threats as I have always selected smiles and accepted threats as a Part Of Life to deal with, unfortunately every threat tried to demolish every single smile I elected. Today I agree there comes, a stage in life when countless threats cannot even shake you. And, dealing with these continuously makes you perfect. I am a participant of an action movie where bombs are falling from everywhere also I am one RajniKant who is dealing with one by one without integrating each other or together without a mix. Therefore I am the perfect and real time example of ‘Learning Curve’ which PMI may use in their books. Positive enough to hold myself and keeps on appreciating motivational quotes yet human enough to get scared deep inside plus too terrified to tell myself. Doesn't want to ask WHY? anymore as I have learned accepting what god has to offer but this WHY? still haunts me. Does this mean that there was a void in my acceptance? Or acceptance means ‘what we allow is what will continue!’ Well I still believe there is an end to everything whether it’s a movie or my threats. I completely disagree to the statement ‘Part Of Life’ as it’s NOT THE PART OF LIFE at all yet would say ‘Part Of Life’ as have to choice.

ज़ेहन में तेरा कोई नक़्श बिगड़ने न दिया, एक तू है जिसे हालात से बाहर रक्खा....

Friday, 17 May 2013

Somethings are only about being On-Time

No-one here is satisfied with what one has and one should not even as needs do inventions. Emotional breakdown at times is one of the symptoms of being human. Being bad kills you, being good kills you and being both – please teach me HOW! Also feeling like an alien where there is no one who really can read or understand you where else you are just an object to experiment on and gain something out of you. Putting up a brave front is the only choice to survive no matter this is your choice or not. Giving Love and getting love is not difficult however ‘a thing’ that touches you also everything else gets hazy is anonymous. The arms where you are protected, you are loved with no obligations and you can be real you is still a mystery. In movies people are so lucky despite of everything or anything, people gets hug timely known as ‘Jaddu Ki Jhappi’ and in reality one has to go long way to get the same and the time one gets it is the time needs get vanish and leaves one hungry for the next time, here comes a realization of being alone though there are people around yet none reaches you on time and you end up hugging your teddy and sleep. People says there is a thin line between ‘Want’ and ‘need’ however I would say there is a huge difference as ‘wants’ can only be appreciated after ‘needs’ are fulfilled.

मेरे ग़म क़ाबिल-ए-तारीफ है कशिश तेरी...टीस उठती है तो जीने का गुमाँ होता हैं...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Sweet and Sour Life

After all the learnings learned, I guess I figured out my life. We heard everyone takes birth with some LIFE LINE however this life line contains two parallel lines one SWEET second SOUR. Also, human has a tendency to give more wattage to the negative thing and loses the opportunity to smile while positive happening. I believe if we start ignoring the Sour and keeps concentration on sweet I am sure we will attract more sweets in life. Well, according to me life is nothing, it’s all about living good, we are human and should behave like human, we should accept what life has to offer and fight for the rest but it does not mean we should lose our humanity or stop smiling. Though life is a vast topic however it seems small to me now. Human is already been awarded by so many emotions and it’s good to feel all of them as every emotion has its own importance also exceptionally different from one another however we should not forget that extreme of anything is bad. It’s our duty to normalize every emotion. Here again we can differentiate emotions in two GOOD and BAD, Good ones are those which makes u feel better, happy, smile, in peace or satisfied and Bad one’s which makes you feel cry, sad, painful or hurting. Here I didn’t mean you to avoid bad one’s as I said every emotions has its own value however we can always ignore them and can concentrate to Good ones. It brings us peace and also helps us to normalize or solve the problem fast due to which we are in pain. I am not asking you to offer your second cheek if somebody hits you on the first however we can always walk away from there and help ourselves to control our anger. Life is all about living well. It’s all about generating Love to ourselves by proving to others as this world is nothing but a mirror and whatever we give we get it back. Love is again a synonym to smile, laugh, feel good and being happy. And, One should make sure of doing something which puts one in a great mood as one will be able to regenerate oneself and find new inner harmony, it will help you to have heap of energy also will help you to choose a solution even if you have to make sacrifices ultimately and induce you to look for new ways to enjoy yourself. I at times get so confused how to react I should be happy because of good or sad because of bad else what? Being neutral is again seems to be a challenge. I understand it’s very difficult to make ourselves concentrating on good for entire day but this is what a SECRET OF LIFE is all about. Just keep doing what inspires you and rest will be taken care of.

One of my friends once said ‘She is in total acceptance of whatever God has to offer’, I found it inspiring however difficult but I figured it out and now even I can say this proudly “I AM IN TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF WHATEVER GOD HAS TO OFFER” Thank You Anjali!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Independent personality traits......!

A person, who do things behind the bars, afraid of public notice, buy enjoyment with lies, Approval is an obligation while decision making, and dreams seems ‘not easy’ only due to society, is not an independent person, no matter one is staying alone, has a furnished house, owner of a big car, earning good, capable in achieving dreams and how well he wears bold attitude, if one is limited by mentioned traits than one is not self-regulating. Well again, if some suggestion changes your mind and you changes your decision it’s the one thing however if you find it correct and not able to do it due to declared attributes than it simply means one is still not self-governing.

Well a person who takes his life in his hand moreover do not blame anybody for his mistakes and failures, is an independent person in actual. One who is not bound to obtain authorization while making some decision, has supremacy to implement his choices rather acquiring joy on lie or by hiding reality. Most importantly he is not afraid of people while stepping and scared of announcements. One, who believes that society is nothing but  an illusion who will ask him to be himself yet will judge him. So doesn't let public label him or manipulate him and never let them take his smile away. Society makes our act tough so don’t let them bother us and let’s not waste time with those who don’t even acknowledge your existence

Better light a candle than curse the darkness.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Power or else Money; to meet head on....

Standing out on the balcony, saw boys playing badminton on the far right ground, got tempted and started walking unwind straight towards the ground also continued looking at them but then boys got little uncomfortable and conscious so I left and continued toddling subsequently noticed few little boys flaunting about their sport shoes in the park. Don’t know what took me to the park as I have been deciding to visit since a year but never visited. The moment I stepped into, my eyes automatically got closed also could hear my own self. Abruptly, i saw a swing and again my psyche took me there as if she wanted me to recall something, as soon as i sat on it while joggling, i saw an empty park ahead with no bird tweeting. Unexpectedly, this peace comforted a lot and this frosty atmosphere warmed me up. As a result of the fact, this world is nothing but a park where people meet, walk along, share stuff and giggle about however people do disappear as time goes and we are left with our own selves also these people only consider meeting the ones who have handled themselves well. This emptiness in the middle of the block, where 1000’s of people so close yet too far. Once more everything went numb. Also an unwanted friend (a tear) rolled out, quickly I discarded him as never wanted to see him ever but I guess he is the one best friend I have, as he continued hugging me even after i insulted him badly. Post realizing the fact, i hugged him tightly too plus lost myself in his arms. Immediately after I could take a breath, I saw a whole me, who is not meant to be alone, sitting on a swing with headphones on her head seemed miserable. I quickly opened up my eyes wide and axiom all with open eyes; it actually gave me a closer. Moreover comprehend that it’s the time to confront and needs to sort my life out. The journey is still on. I need to take risk in life and should understand that i am the only one who can help me by all means. This isolation is nothing other than an individual weakness and will not let him drive me. Things done are done, time to meet head-on.  For a moment, thought to go that way, however this bloody Indian heart did not let me absorb the method. Thus decided will not surrender, will win this emotional game also beat them in their own fixture. Contemplated, even after being a strong girl what is that haunts me to take risk in life as I am well aware of the fact that there is no discovery without risk. Hence, I came up with a conclusion before congregate guts to take risk; one should be blessed with either POWER or MONEY.

पूरी धरा भी साथ दे तो और बात है, पर तू ज़रा भी साथ दे तो और बात है... 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Love is the last thing we understand….

Feeling good is a feature of Love but it’s not LOVE. We usually misunderstand what LOVE is? And relate our good feeling as Love. Meeting someone, sharing stuff, spending good time is ease and comfortable. Also, generates a pleasant feeling. It helps us to think wider, most importantly it inspires and motivate us. The reason is because we say all we have within and we ourselves give us a way ahead. My personal suggestion one should keep meeting people, exploring things; it produces positive energy and lands us a hand to keep moving. Primarily, might magnetize you and convene you by all means that this is what we are looking forward for, NO, don’t come to the conclusion that early.

Things are actually turn green when two people after all the discussion made still wants to be by each other’s side, when silence between them started making sense, when being together gives them a sense of satisfaction, when they started walking in the same direction, when they get respect and get influenced from each other, when every meet excites them same as every bye comforts them, when sticking around without any hot topic seems a need, when seeking each other’s attention is the only desire, when nothing feels like one sided, when life seems worth living and most of all when we stop judging each other. This is the time when we say ‘THINGS HAS BEEN STARTED’.

"Love is when someone means so, so much, words don’t even begin to describe what you feel. So, live like you mean it and love till you feel it"

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fire on the mountain, freeze it.......!

The World’s best day has been the worst day of my life which I regretted later and I still do. Well since then seeking to put up a brave front and repenting seems pointless ever since. IMAGINE with all your mind, BELIEVE with all your heart, ACHIEVE with all your might, is the only choice left and I did pick up the same, also holding a candle for something miraculous to happen. Memories do fade, Bad flashes can be overlapped, similarly this worst day will soon turn into best day for me as same as when something bad happens on festival and we chuck this festival out from our lives however as soon as we hear a new born baby screaming on the same day, we quickly fresh start the festival all over again. I wish me luck to soon hear this new voice to start afresh.
PS: CHERISH yesterday, DREAM of tomorrow, LIVE for today.


Thursday, 3 January 2013


A very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS New Year, Kiss your feet in 2013.! Well, doesn’t want to sound like philosopher, would like to put across my learning after all the exams I went throw. We know action/reaction policy; reaction may vary positive or negative. Everyone does want it positive and for every good thing, effort is an obligation. In addition to this we also know the fact ‘what we give, we get’. so ONE, always think/act positive and get positive. This world is nothing but a mirror; it reflects what we put into. Don’t struggle to change the circumstances of your life. give love through your good feelings and what you want will appear. TWO, all the things I love wants me. People who have great lives think and talk about what they love more than what they don’t love. THREE, be grateful for everything you think worth approbation. Our thoughts cause our feelings and it cause good. FOUR, energy flows where attention goes. How we feel in any moment is more important than anything else because how you feel right now is creating your life. FIVE, Celebrate it inside the world that exists. It’s not our duty to change the world or the people around us, it’s our duty to go with the flow inside of the universe and celebrate everything that exists. SIX, thoughts become things. Concentrate only what we passionate about. SEVEN, Our feelings create our life and it should be good always. All good feelings come from love, so use these words as many times one can, like wonderful, fantastic, fabulous and brilliant so on. EIGHT, Universe is a catalogue. Just ask for it, believe you will get it and receive it.

(Bad attracts bad and good attracts good)